Select this option if you have a finished graphic file or if you want to use the template «Diving stamps» in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You can upload the following formats: EPS, PDF, PSD, DOC, XLS, PPT We also provide files in the correct format for the «Diving stamps» most common programs. You can download them, edit them on your computer and then upload them again in the next step.

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We take care of everything: We will gladly design an individual template in the size from to «Diving stamps» for you. Just send us what you have: Text – Logo – Image – a document – Possibly a photo of the imprint of the old stamp. Our customer service will then take care of the rest. You will receive a design suggestion for the «Diving stamps». Only when you give your OK, we produce the «Diving stamps».

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Plungers – Design and order your own sayings

Dipped and stamped!

With my diving stamp from I designed it myself with little effort and am totally satisfied! Also my friends from the diving club are enthusiastic.

Again and again with pleasure: After every dive I am happy to put my dive stamp in the logbook. The funny motive and the quick saying fit exactly to my personality.

rating 5

Diving stamp – Some examples from our production

All customers have given us their consent to show their ordered stamp here. Thank you very much for this.

Diving stamps – 9 Examples of orders

tauchstempel-344570.jpg 344570
A beautiful diving stamp! The customer has uploaded her own graphics and completed the design with the practical roundset generator. The chosen model Colop Pocketstamp is ideal as a dipping stamp because it can be packed in a space-saving way.
rundstempel-335087.jpg 335087

A beautiful diving stamp! The customer has uploaded his finished design. The chosen model Mobile Printy is ideal as a dipping stamp because it can be packed in a space-saving way.

tauchstempel-259034.jpg 259034
A diving stamp of the extra class, individual and creative!

Use - as here - your own graphics, or be inspired by our numerous templates. With a diving stamp (almost) everything is allowed.

rundstempel-312142.jpg 312142

We congratulate on the successful diving stamp! For this, the complete finished design was uploaded and ordered as a mobile-printy, so that you can take it with you everywhere.

tauchstempel-270454.jpg 270454
A diving stamp must be one thing above all: individual! Use - as here - your own graphics, or be inspired by our numerous templates. With a diving stamp (almost) everything is allowed.
rundstempel-279547.jpg 279547

Dive stamps leave a personal fingerprint in the logbook of the buddy, so besides the large selection of motifs, there is also the possibility to upload your own graphic, like in this example.

tauchstempel-289716.jpg 289716
What could be better at these temperatures than to go diving? A personal dive stamp offers the easiest way to record dives in the logbook.
tauchstempel-328364.jpg 328364
We wish you a lot of fun with your very personal new diving stamp!
tauchstempel-337078.jpg 337078
A personal diving stamp is the ideal gift for the diving buddy! You will find various templates and suggestions for design possibilities.

Questions and answers

Yes, in our online shop you will find more than 1000 diving motives and diving icons for free use. You can easily replace a motif on a template with the motif of your choice.

Anyone interested can of course choose the one they like best from the large selection of diving stamps and with which they can most easily identify. However, there is a risk that another diver will also like this motif or stamp and that the stamp is no longer individual. The worst thing for the diver might be, if he wants to get his logbook stamped and the dive partner has – The same motive, surely a souvenir of a bizarre situation, but just as surely not wanted.

Quick! Orders, which are received by us until 15 o'clock, are usually produced and shipped the same day.

Yes, you can. We offer many templates especially for diving stamps, which you can easily adapt to your needs in an online editor.

Yes, that is no problem. You can simply delete a design on a template and upload and insert your own design.

The motif should not be too detailed, otherwise there is a danger that these details are no longer clearly visible -– They blur into each other and the motif loses some of its effect. Therefore, it is usually better to choose a simpler motif, which is still impressive in print and can be clearly displayed.

Yes, you can. You can upload PDF, EPS, JPG or PNG files. The resolution should be at least 600 dpi. Our system will then automatically suggest a suitable stamp.

Further information on the subject

Diving is a fascinating sport that enriches life and the view of the world. The personal logbook should also reflect the enthusiasm for this sport. Individuality and creativity is given by a personal diving stamp, which you can easily design according to your own ideas in our online shop.

Diving is a sport that everyone enjoys in their own personal way. Therefore the diving stamp should also fit the personality of the diver. With us you can choose from numerous templates and make your individual diving stamp with a few clicks.

Diving Sayings in German

  • Disappeared with...
  • eyes closed and through
  • Bite soon
  • Biting dive
  • Cool dive with...
  • Thanks for the beautiful dive
  • Your diving partner
  • Your dive partner
  • Dancing with the shark
  • Done !!!
  • In the thrill of the deep with...
  • Little diving mouse
  • Mermaids dive better
  • Why not dive with comfort
  • Survived with...
  • Who freezes, loses.

Diving Sayings in English

  • Born to dive
  • Dive now, work later!
  • Dive safe and cool
  • Dived and survived with...
  • Don't worry, dive happy
  • Don't worry, go diving
  • Down under with...
  • Extreme diving with...
  • Have a good dive
  • Keep cool, go down
  • Live and let's dive
  • Make bubbles, no troubles
  • Survived with...
  • The buddy who cares
  • You dived me crazy.
  • Your buddy

Diving stamps are not only a special form of stamps for professional and as well as for diving instructors, diving stamps are also the ideal Gift for all water sports enthusiasts, to whom you can give a special gift on certain days like Christmas or birthday or just in between a I want to please you.
The original idea of the diving stamp is based on the fact that every diver has a so-called logbook, in which he can record all his dives and must record all his own data. Also the companion, who has to dives is mandatory, the so-called buddy, must be entered in the logbook countersign. In order to make the design of the logbook more appealing, more interesting and to make it more creative, more and more divers buy a diving stamp, ...that's gonna be imprinted in the buddy's log.

In principle, diving stamps are quite normal, conventional stamps, such as in many places. But the actual diving stamp is made by the special motif. Most diving stamps are round stamps, which show either the name of the diving school, the owner or the name of the a quick slogan next to a corresponding motif on the stamp plate have. Popular motifs on diving stamps are beside the, seals, shells, Crabs, seahorses and mermaids of course also the fish. Especially the ball-fish as well as the dolphin or the swordfish find frequent application. In most cases, the figures shown on the Diving stamps caricatured. As already mentioned there are on the Diver stamps beside the name of the owner often also "cool" sayings like "Dive and Survive", "To Each His Own Mermaid" and many more funny lyrics.
Since diving stamps have an extremely demanding character as well as an extremely have a high recognition value, numerous diving schools use this as well as company logos and thus as letterhead.
Diving stamps are not only available with different motifs and texts available, they are also available in different sizes, materials, shapes and sizes Colours. Most customers, however, order wooden stamps in round form. Also Diving stamps can be ordered conveniently, quickly and individually by telephone or by also order online from us. Within the shortest time the customer receives then his own unmistakable diving stamp directly at his home.

Dip stamps are in most cases round and provided with a motif or a logo, which in connection with with the popular water and diving sports. Popular motives are beside the fish and divers also frogs, ducks, seahorses, mussels as well as other sea inhabitants and marine life. Favourite among the fishes the caricatured blowfish. In most cases you can also find all other figures on the diving stamps in caricatured form again. To the corresponding The motif usually includes a suitable text. This is located - with the round stamps – Not seldom as frame for the graphics again. At the text contains informal information like names of diving schools, owners or the like but also not seldom around loose, cheeky sayings like "Mermaids Dive Better," "In the Drunken Stupor of the Deep," "Eventually everyone comes up" or "fair weather diver". Diving stamps, which are log book, always contain the name of the corresponding Owner. Thus it is given that with the same motive and/or the same Say nevertheless the undersigned is easy to identify.

It is especially characterized by an individual diving stamp, with which each dive is documented. Of course, this should shine in its best splendor. We provide you with many templates, with which you can create your own be able to design diving stamps. There are many possibilities:

  • With text and image
  • With text only
  • Round or square
  • With diving slogans
  • Design with your own file

Use one of our numerous diving motifs and combine them with a personal text. Or simply fit in a finished template just your name. It is also possible to upload your own file, if you want to give your stamp that certain something. And then, "Good air!"